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Why Klickitat County Real Estate & Klickitat County Land?


Whether you want Klickitat County real estate in Goldendale, White Salmon, Lyle, Husum, BZ Corners or Trout Lake, or Klickitat county land in the east end near Bickleton or Roosevelt, let real estate broker Rob Wing show you the opportunities that are available.
Klickitat county real estate has diverse micro-climates and topographies. Real estate agent Robert Wing is familiar with them all. He has hunted for elk and deer in the wild and steep Mount Adams Wilderness as well as the gentler sloped Simcoe Mountains.  Rob has also fished the Klickitat River, Columbia River, Little White Salmon and Big White Salmon, Deschutes River, and John Day River.  All of these rivers are within a easy drive for Klickitat County real estate owners and Klickitat County land owners.  Let Klickitat County real estate broker Rob Wing tell you more about these opportunities.


Recently, the White Salmon River was listed as one of the top destination spots to visit in the United States.  The removal of Condit Dam was the first step in restoring this river to it's natural state.  The lower White Salmon River was also recently designated a Wild and Scenic River.  There are many benefits associated with owning real estate between Trout Lake, WA and White Salmon, WA and the White Salmon River is just one of them.
Goldendale is located in the center of Klickitat County real estate and is a short distance away from many recreational and entertainment destinations including: the Columbia River; Maryhill Winery and Amphitheatre; Maryhill State Park;  Maryhill Museum; Brooks Memorial State Park; Horsethief Lake State Park and the Klickitat River, John Day River, White Salmon River and the Deschutes River.
Contact Robert Wing, Broker with Klickitat Valley Realty, and learn more about Goldendale real estate or Goldendale land ownership.
White Salmon/Bingen, Husum, BZ Corners, and Trout Lake are located at the west end of Klickitat County real estate.  Klickitat County land prices here are approximately 30 - 50% higher than central and eastern Klickitat County real estate prices.  This is mainly due to proximity to the scenic Columbia River Gorge and easy access Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.   The west end offers many amenities to Klickitat County land owners such as kayaking, kiteboarding, windsurfing, boating, fishing and a exciting night life in the summer in Hood River, OR.  One warning--if you choose western Klickitat County land, be prepared for more precipitation than central or eastern Klickitat County real estate.  Annual precipitation in White Salmon and Trout Lake is about 33".  Goldendale receives about 17" in comparison.
Trout Lake real estate and Glenwood real estate, located in the far northwest corner of Klickitat County at the base of Mount Adams, are other options for potential Klickitat County real estate owners. Land supply is limited in both areas and prices are consequently higher. Klickitat County Real Estate Broker Robert Wing can explain more about Trout Lake and Glenwood if you contact him at 509-250-0357.

Let Klickitat County real estate agent Rob Wing tell you more about the opportunities presented by western Klickitat County land ownership.
Appleton, Snowden, and Timber Valley are three other options for Klickitat County real estate.  They are all located north of Lyle and present unique opportunities for Klickitat County land owners.  Many residents love the seclusion presented by the tall firs and lush undergrowth.  During the summer months, cool breezes blow through the vegetation and there are many vacation getaways located here.  Winters on the other hand are quite different.  In many areas, 3-4 feet of snow can accumulate and stay for several months.  Wildlife abounds in these areas with deer, turkey, elk, and bear all accessible to Klickitat County real estate owners in this part of Klickitat County.  Call or email Klickitat County real estate broker Robert Wing today to learn more about Appleton real estate, Snowden real estate, and Timber Valley real estate opportunities.
The town of Klickitat is another option for Klickitat County real estate.  Located alongside the wild and scenic Klickitat River, Klickitat real estate owners co-exist with runs of salmon and steelhead that make their annual migrations up this mighty river.  During the spring, summer, and fall, Klickitat land owners see this area become a bustling small city as fishermen and women utilize the Klickitat River.  Bikers are also a common sight during these months.  Let Klickitat real estate agent Rob Wing tell you more about the benefits of Klickitat, WA real estate ownership.
Dallesport real estate and Murdock real estate are two other options if you want to be close to The Dalles, OR  and the Columbia River.  Be prepared for steady winds during the summer months and warm weather.  Located just west of The Dalles bridge, Dallesport land and Murdock land offer beautiful views of the Columbia River and the scenic Columbia Gorge.  Since there is no state income tax in Washington and no sales tax in Oregon, many Dallesport real estate owners save more than a few dollars over the course of a year than their neighbors across the river in The Dalles, OR.

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